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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Review: Mike Ford - Satellite Hotstove

Mike Ford – Satellite Hotstove
2007 Mike Ford
Produced by Mike Ford & David Matheson

Mike Ford will surprise you. Long one of the crown princes of Moxy Fruvous (but not the King of Spain), one might expect a disc full of silly yet biting fun, but Mike Ford shows incredible depth on Satellite Hotstove, his third solo release since Moxy Fruvous disbanded. Featuring songs written while traveling on the Trans-Canada train, as well as on a freighter from Sept-Isles to Hamilton to Thunder Bay. The disc also includes a gem from his Moxy Fruvous days (Huge On The Luge).

Mike Ford is the consummate folksinger on this album, highlighting some of the more interesting parts of Canadian geography (Eastern Gap, The Credit, The Seaway, and The Island). The standouts on the album are the previously mentioned “Huge On The Luge” and “Late Of October”. “Huge On The Luge” is a fun story about how grandpa broke the speed of sound. “Late Of October” is my favorite on the album, and is joyous celebration of (presumably) Mr. Ford’s favorite time of year.

There isn’t a weak song here. The only complaint from this reviewer is the relatively paltry track listing of eight songs. It’s just not enough.

Rating: Buy It Soon!

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