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Sunday, January 13, 2008

The reviews begin!

My first review will be published here today, and I just wanted to explain the ground rules before I start. First off, I will only review hard media (CDs, DVDs, etc.). I will be happy to take a listen to your myspace or sonicbids page and offer my opinion, but to post a formal review I do require submission of a screener copy. I prefer to live with the music for a few days before I opine, as often my opinion after 5 listens differs than my initial impression. Besides, I just don't spend that much time in front of the computer.

If you'd like to submit a CD for review, please contact me at for the mailing address.

I am happy to post information about upcoming gigs, etc. in the reviews, so don't hesitate to forward such information when available!

As to the rating system, I am not out to trash any one's music/dream. If I don't have a nice thing to say about your recording, I just won't say anything. To that end, here is my rating system:

Buy it Now! - Don't wait on this recording or artist. You need this disc/DVD/MP3/other format! This star is on the rise, so get on the bandwagon this instant!

Buy it Soon! - Okay, so you don't necessarily have to have this in your hands right this second, but don't wait too long!

Buy it Eventually. - A great recording that deserves its proper place in your collection. This one can wait a little while if it has to, but is definitely worth owning.

Borrow it from a friend - There are some great tracks, or something particularly unique about the recording. You probably want to own this anyway, or will once you've heard it a few times. I still recommend buying it, but worse can scenario borrow it from a friend and give it a try. You'll likely own it eventually.

So let's get started! Today we're going to start off with Monica Attell's "Band Geek"! I also have a demo of hers that we'll be discussing later in the week. I expect to also have reviews for Black Suit Youth and Jason Yudoff this week!

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