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Friday, December 31, 2010

Wildy's World Artist of the Year for 2010

Just as with Song of the Year, the Artist of the Year is a difficult pick.  This competion was actually a lot closer than the song category as there are several artists in this year's countdown with valid arguments both for their albums and their accomplishments beyond the recording studio.  While not a requirement to be named Artist of the Year, our pick was a Wildy's World Artist of the Month in 2010 and is the only artist to place two albums in this year's Top 60 Albums.  With an entry at #32, her live album Stages, and this year's #3 album After Dark, as well as her breakthrough success in Japan and a stunning voice, Halie Loren rose above a very talented pack during 2010. Congratulations, Halie Loren.  You are the Wildy's World Artist Of The Year for 2010.

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