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Monday, December 20, 2010

Kasey Lansdale – Never Say Never

Kasey Lansdale – Never Say Never
2010, Kasey Lansdale
Kasey Lansdale is a little Texas gal with big dreams.  At the age of 23 she already writes songs for one of the largest Music Row song factories, tours the world and is on the verge of dropping her third EP, Never Say Never.  Lansdale has the looks and voice to make it in Nashville and beyond, but also has brains galore.  A published writer, Lansdale wrote a story at the tender age of eight that is currently being shopped as a Hollywood screenplay.  Music is the force that turns Lansdale’s world however, and with Never Say Never she’s elevated her game to a level that tends to garner national or even international attention.
Never Say Never opens with “Half As Much”, a mature and literate kiss-off song that’s full of the sorrow of a classic country heartbreaker, but takes the type of positive turn that Garth Brooks was known for.  “Why Can’t I” rues her inability to just wall off her emotions for a former love when he has simply walked away like nothing has ever happened.  “Just Another Guy” is an uncomfortable blend of 1970’s pop and country.  This song simply doesn’t work well, although Lansdale’s voice saves it from being a total washout.  Lansdale is inspired by Bonnie Raitt on the title track.  “Never Say Never” explores the idea of romantic returns, justifying them at times and even allowing that sometimes we just can’t help ourselves.  “Hard To Be A Lady” is the best overall track on the album, and the one most likely to land Lansdale on the country charts.  The concept is a classic one, that a particular man is so irresistible that it makes it hard for her to behave.  Lansdale owns this one as if she’s in the middle of the emotional/hormonal tornado the song implies.
Kasey Lansdale isn’t just a vocalist, she’s a performer.  Never Say Never confirms Lansdale’s place among some of the bright young stars in country music.  The EP should, in a perfect world, land Lansdale on the charts and in the hearts of country music fans everywhere. 
Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)
Learn more about Kasey Lansdale at or  Never Say Never should see the light of day in early 2011.  Keep checking Kasey Lansdale's website for availability.

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