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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Joy Autumn - Scarlett EP

Joy Autumn – Scarlett EP
2010, Oscar Records
Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Joy Autumn discovered her love for writing songs at the age of five, making up lyrics while playing and recording piano parts on her cassette recorder.  The Olympia, Washington native gave out cassettes as a young child to cheer up friends and family.  Her experiences in a chamber group in her early 20’s led to Joy Autumn writing pop/rock tunes in the chamber style and discovering a new writing voice she hadn’t known she possessed.  Now on her own, Joy Autumn continues in her highly personal approach to songwriting; a style on display on Autumn’s debut EP, Scarlett.
Scarlett opens with “Over”, a catchy pop kiss-off song delivered in a reserved arrangement and style.  There’s no bombast here, allowing the simple but comely melody to shine in conjunction with Joy Autumn’s affable voice.  “Cobble Stone” details the wake of a relationship and has a dark, baroque feel.  The melody is a thing of beauty, displaying the continuance of light even in the darkness of heartache.  You’ll leave knowing the story-teller will be all right in spite of the pain.  “Back Off” takes on a ‘friend’ who is trying to pry her away from her love for himself.  The jazzy pop arrangement is catchy and well-related and sounds like something you might hear on a TV or movie soundtrack.  “Numb” warns off a potential suitor saying she’ll likely destroy him.  It’s a song written from the depths of depression and seems more about self-protection than an honest warning.  Scarlett closes with “Tears” is a mournful epitaph for a relationship or a phase of life.
Joy Autumn delivers a compact and personal breakup EP in the form of Scarlett, perhaps a reference to the emotional blood-letting of a relationship gone sour.  Autumn’s style is a sort of reserved pop that calls on her baroque background for inspiration, allowing melodies and movement to take the fore instead of electronics and percussion.  Scarlett is a breath of fresh air, a highly enjoyable side-trip into the heart and mind of Joy Autumn.
Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)
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