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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wildy's World Top 60 Albums of 2010: 30-21

 We're moving quickly toward our number one album of the year.  Today we're counting down numbers 30 through 21 in our top Albums and EPs of the year.  Let's get to it!

30. Hans York – Young Amelia
York is a singer-songwriter thoroughly in his element on Amelia, and is one of the best folk songwriters working.

29. Phil Ayoub – Arrivals And Departures
A captivating singer, songwriter and performer. 

28. Carrie Rodriguez – Love And Circumstance
Rodriguez a dervish with a voice that could melt butter and a fiddle fit to cut the world in half.  Love And Circumstance is among her best work to date.

27. Eliza Blue – The Road Home
Eliza Blue proves the richness of recording at home with The Road Home, pouring her heart and soul into every song with a richness and depth that is rare in popular music.

26. The John Byrne Band – After The Wake
One of the finest Celtic-influenced albums of 2010.

25. Syzygy – Realms Of Eternity
Deep theological concerns and a modern take on classic progressive rock make Realms Of Eternity the sort of album you can't let go of.

24. Isabel Rose – Swingin’ From The Hip
Rose will one day be a legend.

23. Wes Weddell – By The Side Of The Lake
By The Side Of The Lake shows a master craftsman at the top of his game.

22. Annie Fitzgerald – In Good Time
In Good Time is absolutely captivating.  Annie Fitzgerald has you from hello.

21. The Chapin Sisters – Two
The daughters of Tom Chapin and nieces of Harry Chapin show that their musical blood lines run deep on Two, an a haunting collection you won't be able to get out of your head.

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