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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Amanda Ply - Runaway

Amanda Ply – Runaway
2012, Amanda Ply
For Amanda Ply it all started with Beethoven and “Fur Elise”.  Her discovery of a snow globe in a gift shop at the age of six turned the world upside down for Ply, who went home and began to teach herself to pick out songs by ear on an old piano.  Ply quickly graduated to classical piano training, which she took for ten years.  She spent the next decade developing her craft as a performer and songwriter.  Now, at the tender age of 25 years, Ply is an honest and engaging songwriter who has found her own singular voice.  Ply is currently touring in support of her EP, Runaway.

Runaway opens with "A Lovin' That Heals", a gentle pop ballad with mild country undertones. The classic feel to this tune makes it easy to listen to, and Ply's exceedingly pleasant voice is a breath of fresh air. "I Secretly" is a solid pop ballad with a memorable chorus. If there’s one complaint it’s that Ply spends a bit too much energy on vocal stylistics in this number. "Let's Just Fall In Love" is a bubblegum ballad that's easy on the ears but doesn't make a deep impression.

Ply brings out her soulful side on "Like That", calling out a feckless lover and threatening him with the big kiss off if he doesn't toe the line. This is the most entertaining and vital track on the album, and has major potential as a name maker for Amanda Ply. Continuing her chameleon-like shifts, Ply launches into the R&B groove of "Messy Little Piece Of Beautiful", a vibrant pop number with serious commercial legs. Ply sounds totally together here, knocking out a lyrical stream that would make Jason Mraz proud in a soulful voice you won't soon forget.
Amanda Ply takes listeners for a ride on Runaway, changing genres and styles as regularly as Celine Dion changes outfits.  The fact that she pulls it off without any major breakdowns is even more impressive.  Ply has the ability to appeal to a very wide range of fans based on her current approach to crafting songs; and her easy vocal style and elastic voice are more than worth tuning in for.  This might just be one of the most intriguing musical introductions you’ll have in 2012.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)
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