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Monday, October 29, 2012

Danielle Aument - Songs For You

Danielle Aument – Songs For You
2012, Danielle Aument
Chicago-born singer/songwriter Danielle Aument was born for the stage.  Starting out in musical theater, Aument quickly transitioned from singing the songs of others to singing her own.  At the tender age of eighteen, Aument shows a poise and grace beyond her years, and she’s started to catch the ears of industry cognoscenti.  Aument’s debut EP, Songs For You, shows a capable artist who is beginning to figure out what her sound is and is not.

Songs For You kicks off with “What You Mean To Me”, a solid pop love song reminiscent of Jessica (Jacobs) Riddle.  It’s a fluffy little pop tune with a memorable chorus.  Aument’s voice is exceedingly pleasant and very radio ready.  “All The Time” is a bland dance/pop tune that is moderately saved by Aument’s voice.  “Star Lights” is a still life of sorts in song.  The simplistic arrangement is made more complex by layered sounds and a full-bodied pop arrangement.  It’s a solid listen with mild commercial appeal.  “Stronger Now” is a simplified light dance/pop number.  The lightweight feel of this tune doesn’t match up to Aument’s voice.  Songs For You takes a bow with “Once Again”, exploring relationship angst in the median strip of the pop music super highway.  It’s a solid effort that might pop the radio bubble, if briefly.
Danielle Aument has a voice worth spending some time with.  Unfortunately the material on Songs For You is born of generic pop templates that do little to enhance to her general appeal as a performer.  There’s enough here to cause listeners to seek out Aument and see what she might do next, but without a bit more challenging and inspiring material it will be hard for Danielle Aument to stand out in the crowded field of pop music.

Rating: 2.5 Stars (Out of 5)
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