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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kawehi - Songs From My Apartment

Kawehi - Songs From My Apartment
2011, Kawehi

Hawaiian singer/songwriter Kawehi brings youth and exuberance to her stripped down collection entitled Songs From My Apartment.  Recorded primarily at home with extra work in various studios, Songs From My Apartment finds Kawehi ranging from unpolished folk to catchy, pristine pop music, with side trips into R&B and dance music along the way.

Songs From My Apartment has a certain intimate charm to it that is undeniable, but the songs on the album are very much hit or miss.  Kawehi's wide range of styles and approaches rob the album of any coherent flow.  Highlights include the hybrid fairy tale/pragmatic anthem "In Castles", which is catchy pop music about relationships with a brain behind it.  "Addicted" is a solid folk/pop love song.  "I Feel" is a middle of the road dance track, solid but unspectacular.  The song does, however, highlight Kawehi's voice, which is exceedingly pleasant to listen to.  "Mona Lisa" shows real potential; catchy, danceable pop that might inspire you to hit the repeat button numerous times.  While the song doesn't necessarily track well for radio, it wouldn't be surprising of Kawehi had success with this number on the licensing side. 

You know an artist is generally stretched for material when they include an answering machine message on the album, and it is no less true here.  Things get a bit too mundane the rest of the way, with the exceptions of the early Jewel style ballad "SuperGlue" and the catchy dance number "Scarlet Rain".  Kawehi's closer, "Parental Units" is cute closer, showing a hint of wit at the right time.

Kawehi has a pleasant voice and shows some talent for composition on Songs From My Apartment, but may have been better off with a shorter EP rather than filling out space with extra tracks.  Songs From My Apartment is refreshing in approach and sound, but this is one album where many listeners may choose to download certain tracks rather than plunk down for the album proper.

Rating: 2.5 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Kawehi at or on Facebook.  Songs From My Apartment is available digitally from and iTunes.

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