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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The New Rochelles - It's New

The New Rochelles - It's New!
2011, Bright And Barrow Records

Long Beach, New York punk power trio brings their love for three chord pop punk to light on their album It's New!, due out on August 16, 2011.  Hailing from the same stomping grounds as The Ramones, The New Rochelles aim to mix the passion, energy and raw sound of punk with shiny pop hooks and refrains that get stuck in your noggin.  Building on the roots of New York style punk, The New Rochelles shred through songs with abandon on It's New, showing the sort of vibrant energy on the album that is generally reserved for the stage.

It's New opens with "Go Go New Ro!", a musical call to battle for the band that's aurally appealing but overly simplistic.  The band dives into "This My L.J.", a bouncy, high energy punk/pop blend that gets your feet moving.  "Did Something Bad" is of similar musical ilk.  The vocal harmonies here are impressive, and fill in ably in The New Rochelle's semi-frenetic arrangement.  "Watch For Skunkape" is a modern day horror story in song; entertaining and fun.    The New Rochelles go full throttle on "Quit Givin' Me The Stinkeye" while maintaining close coordination.  This high energy call out carries all of the energy of classic punk rock.

"Who Will (I Will)" displays a distinctive pop sensibility alongside a heavy rock arrangement that's relentless.  This is a pure marriage between pop and punk that should be a hit.  The New Rochelles get a bit more aggressive on "Static Shock", hanging loose with all the chutzpah punk rock requires.  Things stay pretty steady through the end, although "Tina's Got A Toothache" comes across as a bit inane.  "It's Really Hard To" is a great recovery, however, and a perfect close an energetic and well-intended effort.

The New Rochelles show a talent for writing great pop songs and wrappng them up in the vestiges of punk rock on It's New!  That's not to say everything on the album works perfectly well, but there are more than enough highs here to make the occasional low more than bearable.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about The New Rochelles at or  It’s New drops on Tuesday, August 16, 2011.  Order your copy on Vinyl, or download from Bright And Barrow Records.

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