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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lucy Angel - Lucy Angel [EP]

Lucy Angel - Lucy Angel [EP]
2011, G-Force Music
Lucy Angel is an Arizona trio consisting of mother Kate, and daughters Lindsay and Emily Anderton.  Although they moved to Nashville in 2003, the three retain the open sound of the southwest, revved up with a hot country vibe and pure sex appeal.  All of this is on display on Lucy Angel’s self-titled, debut EP.

Lucy Angel opens with "Serious", a sexy, fiery country rock number.  Lead vocalist Lindsay Anderton has a knockout voice, and the arrangement is as tight as a wire.  Lucy Angel fills the space beneath with a danceable R&B backbeat, and in the process has created what should be a sure-fire country hit.  The song has a bit more edge that you’re usual commercial country hit, blending classic southern rock into the mix.  "I'll Be Your Whiskey" is a solid working class ballad that's part Wilson Phillips and part Dixie Chicks.  Entertaining but not with the sort of Lucy Angel opened with.  "Only Woman Left" goes back to the R&B driven country-rock style seen on "Serious".  The song is incredibly catchy, and features a big, guitar-driven chorus full of vocal harmonies.  There's definitely more of a rock n roll feel this time around.  "Color Love Blue" is a classic, melancholy country ballad that shows off Linday's voice in a perfect setting.  Lucy Angel takes their leave with "I'd Be Lying", a hit in waiting with guitar work reminiscent of The Eagles and a chorus that simply won't leave you alone.

Lucy Angel is the real deal, blending country, rock and R&B in a distinctive style stands out amidst the crop of cookie-cutter acts you often find on CMT.  Lucy Angel works so well because it doesn't work a formula...  this is honest country rock that, while not outlaw country, certainly knows how to bend the rules a bit.  Don't miss out on Lucy Angel.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Lucy Angel at or  Lucy Angel is available digitally from and iTunes.

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