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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lady Indiraa - Shrink

Lady Indiraa - Shrink
2011, Carpe Diem

Infusing the glamour of Bollywood and the slick dance beats of Western pop, Lady Indiraa bursts into the international dance music scene in 2011 with her 4-track EP Shrink.  Produced by Simon Ellis (Britney Spears, S Club 7, East 17), Shrink shows the utter joy of finding a new lease on life, using cutting edge technology and the amusing wordplay that Lady Indiraa conjures.

The EP opens with "Shrink", a catchy dance number about being off balance and needing psychiatric help.  Lady Indiraa uses self-deprecating humor to make light without marginalizing or demeaning such treatment, and does so against a very danceable backdrop that is certain to pack the dance floor.  "Take Me" is all about finding a real man who can show her how to have a good of time.  This fun and catchy number has a liberated spirit in spite of the seemingly trite subject matter, and will play well to the club scene.  "Kamasutra" should be a big pickup song in the clubs, with Lady Indiraa creating a song that is more subtly sexy than you might presume.  Shrink closes with "Bombay Dreams", an ode to home that's catchy, is a bit of a letdown from the first three songs on the EP.

Lady Indiraa certainly knows how to have a good time with her music, but there's a bit of thought in what she writes as well.  Shrink is likely to catch the ear of DJs and programmers and garnish Lady Indiraa solid exposure.  The song "Shrink" carries an air of novelty and an infectious dance beat, so don't be surprised if Lady Indiraa has a bright moment in the sun here.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

Shrink is available digitally from Shrink and iTunes. 

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