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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cody Gamracy - Where Is The Ground?

Cody Gamracy – Where Is The Ground?
2012, Soccer Mom Records
Cody Gamracy makes the most of his talents on his debut album Where Is The Ground?  Staying within his vocal limits, Gamracy works out eight original tunes in solid workman-like style.  “All The Wrong Reasons” builds on a relentless folk-rock groove, resolving into a melodically sweet chorus that is ably delivered.  Gamracy shows some real talent as a songwriter on “Sock Puppets”, pairing an imaginative and energetic arrangement with a memorable melody.  Gamracy isn’t afraid to take chances, stretching his voice to its limits.
Settling into singer/songwriter mode, Gamracy launches into the quietly impressive “Giving Yourself Away”.  His voice struggles with the slow delivery, but the effect is more emotive than anything else.  Gamracy approaches brilliance on “Two Kinds”, with gorgeous vocal harmonies wrapped around a melody that simply won’t leave you alone.  The rock-a-bye feel makes this a comfortable number to slip into; a great listen.  “Whatever It Was” maintains Gamracy’s adept vocal harmony constructions, but is a bit disjointed compositionally.  The experimental approach is a bit shaky at times, but does achieve some nice moments in the process.  Where Is The Ground? wraps with “Out On Ring Road”, a messy bit of ethereal rock.  Gamracy’s exploration might lose you as he floats off into the air, but shows an interesting range and willingness to explore that will keep listeners curious enough to stay with him.
Cody Gamracy perhaps leaves more questions than answers on Where Is The Ground?  Stylistically diffuse, the album finds Gamracy searching his muse for a sound that he loves.  There really aren’t any conclusions here, but the avenues he follows are intriguing, as Gamracy covers an expanse not often found outside the circle of Pink Floyd-influences bands.  Where Is The Ground? is an intriguing start, and makes it likely that listeners will keep following Cody Gamracy to see what he might dream up next.
Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)
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