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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

REVIEW: The Beautiful Girls - Ziggurats

The Beautiful Girls – Ziggurats
2007 Controlled Substance

The Beautiful Girls have come calling, and they mean business. On Ziggurats they mix rock and reggae elements in a near-perfect concoction that is reminiscent of the best work of The Police. Mat McHugh’s melodic, mellow vocals are a perfect contrast to the tightly controlled energy running through The Beautiful Girls songs, and the rhythm section of Paulie B and Bruce Braybrooke keep things moving more than efficiently.

The songwriting is inspired, from the politically conscious “Royalty” to “Under a Southern Sky”, which may be the gem of the album. Other highlights include “Dela”, “Dealer Wins” and “I Thought about You”. The Beautiful Girls have been developing their sound for some time now, and Ziggurats has placed them in position to take America by storm (with the right breaks, of course). Practicing a DIY ethic that lets their music speak for itself without significant pop promotion, The Beautiful Girls should build a solid following in the US/Canada. If they manage to score the coveted song placement in a popular teen television show or movie it could rocket them to stardom here.

The Beautiful Girls are very much worth taking your time to get to know. Ziggurats is a strong album to get to know them by, and I highly recommend it.

Rating: Buy it Soon!

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