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Friday, April 4, 2008

REVIEW: Nightdancers - Montana Crossings

Nightdancers – Montana Crossings
2007 Gera Clark/John Sarantos

New York City based Nightdancers is Gera Clark and John Sarantos. This duo met as part of a Renaissance of the Native American Flute (RNAF) workshop and formed a lasting musical partnership; the fruits of which you will see (and hear) on Montana Crossings.

This is not a pop record, and it will not be for all tastes. The music here is gentle and soothing and ideal for meditation or relaxation. Montana Crossings is firmly grounded in Southwest Native American tradition, but also dances on the edge of Japanese Shackuhachi flute melodies at times as well. The mix is intriguing and will keep you engaged if you’re interested in such things.

All in all this is very listenable CD, but is probably (at least for me) more of a “mood” thing than part of a regular musical diet. If you are a fan of flute music, Native American music or New Age then this is definitely for you. If you have never been into any of these genres but are looking for an introduction, this is a good place to start.

Rating: Buy It Eventually

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