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Thursday, April 3, 2008

REVIEW: Mashed Buddha - Zen Conspiracy

Mashed Buddha – Zen Conspiracy
2008 John Corda

When John Corda steps into his alter ego, Mashed Buddha, magical things begin to happen. Eschewing the derivative nature found in much electronica, Mashed Buddha relies on extensive piano/keyboard skill and an inimitable groove to create a sonic sphere to envelope the listener. There are no tricks here. John Corda has an understanding of musical composition that escapes many of the tech-heads who dabble at their computers in the wee hours of the morning.

The music is cerebral and danceable at the same time. “Zen Conspiracy” will leave you feeling like Coleridge when it’s over: You will play it again and again trying to recapture the vision of Xanadu that is both there and not there. Add in the musings of Uri Geller on “Hype”, and the artwork of Peter Kuper (Spy vs. Spy), and you have one tasty recording. In spite of not being a big electronic fan, I have to recommend this highly.

Rating: Buy It Now!

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