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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Review: Slightly Stoopid - Chronchitis

Slightly Stoopid – Chronchitis
2007 Stoopid Records

Slightly Stoopid has been making great records for twelve years now. They have very quietly built a catalog mixing punk rock songs with mellow reggae-rock grooves. In the process Slightly Stoopid has established themselves as one of the pre-eminent Indie party jam bands in the music industry. Each album from Slightly Stoopid has seen an evolution in their sound, and Chronchitis is no exception. Here Slightly Stoopid has thoroughly abandoned the punk rock edge that helped them burst onto the Indie scene in 1996 and has transformed into a thoroughly mellow reggae jam band.

The music is a pleasant listen, but isn’t challenging or particularly interesting. For me it equates to background music: Something to have on at work when I am trying to concentrate and don’t want to be disturbed or provoked by the music. I could also see this is background at a very mellow party.

I am all for transformation in music. Stagnancy in an artist is an unforgivable sin, but it would seem that Slightly Stoopid has given up an essential element of what made them Stoopid in the first place. A large part of the draw has always been the melding of punk/surf and reggae. Unfortunately the sharp edges have been worn away, leaving a smooth stone that is pretty, but not remarkable.

Rating: Borrow it from a friend.

You can learn more about Slightly Stoopid at, or You can purchase Chronchitis in most major music retailers or on the band’s website for $11.99 plus shipping.

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