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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Review: Break Of Reality - The Sound Between

Break Of Reality – The Sound Between
2006, Break Of Reality

New York City based Break Of Reality is a rare gem in the world of popular music. These 4 Eastman School of Music alumni (3 cellists, 1 percussionist) weave gorgeous driving rock chamber pieces unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Their debut album, The Sound Between, blurs the line between chamber music and rock and roll.

The nearly visual landscape of sound cut by Break Of Reality is infectious and stirring. Their blend of instrumental “Chamber Rock” will fascinate you and draw you along. The weaving/layering of the cellos and driving rock beats are likely to broaden your appreciation for both classical music and rock and roll. Song highlights include “Beyond Recourse”, “A Blind Purpose”, and “Scarred By Duty”.

Just as a personal note I was introduced to Break Of Reality’s music by a live performance in Central Park last spring. If they come within driving distance of you it’s worth the trip to check them out live. The Sound Between is very much worth your time and effort.

Rating: Buy It Soon!

You can learn more about Break of Reality at, where you can purchase either the original version of The Sound Between or a two-disc version. As an aside, try to track down a copy of their original demo Voiceless. I do not believe it was ever officially released but was sold at shows and on their site until last year. It’s very hard to find but also very much worthwhile.

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