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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Brother Joscephus And The Love Revival Revolution Orchestra - Live At The Brooklyn Bowl

Brother Joscephus And The Love Revival Revolution Orchestra - Live At The Brooklyn Bowl
2011, Brother Joscephus

Brother Joscephus And The Love Revival Revolution Orchestra return in 2011 with Live At The Brooklyn Bowl, an audio document of the live show that continues to make waves in New York City and environs.  We had the distinct pleasure to review Brothers Josephus' self-titled album last year, commenting on the tremendous energy and showmanship on display on the album and in their live shows.  Live At The Brooklyn Bowl revisits the live sound in a high-energy effort with great sound, but there is something missing this time around.

It's not a matter of performance.  Brother Josephus and his orchestra are all-in on stage, as always, from the opening notes of the call-and-response number "Brooklyn Bowl Parade" to the final notes of the show-stopping finale "Mighty, Mighty Chain Of Love (Pass It On)".  But aside from some minor difference in set list, Live At The Brooklyn Bowl feels like a rehash of the self-titled album.  The album is very entertaining, from the emotional "A Child Shall Lead" to the lively "When The Saints Go Marching In" and even the psychedelic jam of "Born On The Bayou"; but the energy and pizzazz on the first album is just a little bit more.  Live At The Brooklyn Bowl will certainly appeal to fans of Brother Joscephus, but if you already own their debut, there's not enough new here to justify a casual fan dropping the cash this time around.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Brother Joscephus And The Love Revival Revolution Orchestra at or  Live At The Brooklyn Bowl is available from on CD and as a Download. The album is also available via iTunes.

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marc said...

Brother Wildly,you say "there is something missing this time around" and and that "it feels like a rehash" of their debut release.
Well, I don't know what cd you listened to,but on my copy of 'Live at Bklyn Bowl'only ONE song appears that is also on the debut (A Child Shall Lead).Other than that there are no other repeated numbers.
I really think you should listen again,as the live recording adds so much additional energy.
"A Child Shall Lead'- much better live than in the studio.
How about 'Revolution of Love" and 'Make Love To Your Woman!' How bout those horn arrangements and those awsome changes! What a groove! What a tight live sound.Not to mention their stage presence.What a Great Band to see Live.They got the groove of James Brown with the wit of Zappa and the Mothers.The ballad 'Whiskeydick Blues' is alot of fun and Samia's vocals on (Queens)'Somebody to Love" cannot be outdone. She's at the top of her game,what a delight to hear her.She is Top notch/incredible!
'Good Times' is a quick,fun TV theme that is familiar to most.What can i say about 'Shine On' other than it is a brilliant song.Jam style with great solos and an teriffic refrain,this is one of BroJo's finest works.'Born on The Bayou',which you mentioned,jams and morphs into a 'Low Rider'-'Superfly'jam that stretches into space before goin back to the bayou.
'I Still Love You'is a beautiful love ballad.'Mighty,Mighty Chain of Love'is just awe-inspiring!Positive vibes with Genuine love(BroJo style) served up with the entusiasm and zest of a Broadway production.Could be BroJo's 'Theme Song'. Then again,so could 'Revolution of Love'.
Out of 5,I give 'BroJo Live at Bklyn Bowl' a 6 !!!!