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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rosa Wallace - Space To Be Free

Rosa Wallace - Space To Be Free
2011, Bindlestick Records

Singer/songwriter Rosa Wallace is a native of Raleigh, North Carolina who cut her chops on the local punk rock scene.  Even while rocking out for three chord glory, Wallace showed a deeper side, spending hours writing poetry in notebooks and playing on her mom's classical guitar.  Rosa eventually graduated to the sounds of folk, blues, soul and classic rock.  A student of musical theater in college, Wallace worked her way across Europe from 2007 to 2010 while writing the song that would come to make up her debut EP, Space To Be Free.  Now based in New York City, Wallace has already been featured on podcasts in both the US and UK, and has received airplay on WomensRadio Music Channel and Radio Crystal Blue.

Space To Be Free opens with "Bad Example", a catchy fit of folk rock with a memorable chorus.  Wallace shows a solid vocal range, but does struggle a bit when reaching for high notes.  The overall sound here is good, with Wallace crafting a solid musical palette that opens the album nicely.  "This I Know" is a personal narrative to a friend who needs but cannot love.  Personal demons and dysfunction are the focus in a powerfully written musical entreaty.  Wallace sings from the heart here in a convincing performance.  "Something So Heavenly" is a sing-song love song that dances on the edge of cliché.  "All Fall Down" is a solid album track, but doesn't really stand on its own.  Wallace closes with "Danger Signs", an easy-going pop number that tends to highlight the limits in Wallace's range.  The song itself is well written, but perhaps is not the best setting for Wallace's voice. 

Rosa Wallace puts forth a solid effort on Space To Be Free, showing off a pleasing voice with a limited range, but sometimes failing to take that range into account when writing/selecting songs to perform.  Wallace does show something of a touch for story-telling in song, but the performances offered here just fall flat at times.  Space To Be Free is a solid start that shows some real potential, with real work to be done.

Rating: 2.5 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Rosa Wallace at or To Be Free is available digitally via iTunes.  If you prefer an old-school CD, you can order one through Wallace's webstore.

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