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Monday, May 30, 2011

Buxter Hoot'n - Buxter Hoot'n

Buxter Hoot'n - Buxter Hoot'n
2011, Buxter Hoot'n

San Francisco's Buxter Hoot'n is set to release their third album in five years, with the May 30, 2011 drop of Buxter Hoot'n.  Vo-vocalists Vince Dewald and Melissa Merrill; Jimmy Dewald (bass); Ben Andrews (guitar/violin) and Jeremy Shanok (drums) cover the turrets between Americana and Southern Rock on Buxter Hoot'n, the follow-up to their highly successful sophomore album In Another Life, which charted on the Americana Music Association, Roots Music Review and charts. 

Buxter Hoot'n opens with "Mariel", a story song that sounds like it could be an early Crash Test Dummies outtake.  The song has a solid melodic sensibility and a down-home feel.  Vince DeWald takes lead vocals this time around.  "Out The Door" is a Dylan-esque bit of bluesy Americana; a solid album track.  "Chief Justice Shepard" is a protest song that explores collusion between judges, governments and private corporations to keep prisons full of bodies.  This is a great tune, enveloped in a snappy Americana arrangement that's appealing to the ears.

"Thought I Head You Say" features Melissa Merrill on lead vocals, showing off fine alto sound with just a touch of toughness sewn in.  "Go Get Your Gun" is a song of paranoia and deeply repressed rage.  The gypsy-style violin (ala Stephane Grappelli) is a nice touch however.  "Cover Band" is a celebration of music at its most appealing; the story of a cover band working for all its worth.  This good time song manages to keep a low key approach that works well.  "Spill Some Juice On Me" is done in a bluesy, talk/sing style.  It's a solid album track, catchy in its own right.  Buxter Hoot'n closes with "Curtain", a brief instrumental fugue that tends off into nothing.

Buxter Hoot'n gets a fair amount right on their self-titled album, but also misses some of the finer points of creativity and production in the process.  Both vocalists are competent, and Buxter Hoot'n, the band, appears to have a very clear vision of who they are and where they are going.  As such, Buxter Hoot'n is highly representative of the band as they are now.  There are obvious opportunities for improvement (as there always are), but it wouldn't be surprising of the band re-creates the success they discovered with In Another Life.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Buxter Hoot'n at or Buxter Hoot'n drops on May 30, 2011, and will be available through the band's webstore.  Expect availability via CDBaby, and iTunes soon.

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