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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wildy's World Sunday Singles: Revis Mindwalk Blvd Hollie LA

Revis - Save Our Souls
2011, NRG Artists

L.A. rockers Revis will be charging up the New Orleans film festival this fall with the song "Save Our Souls", written for a documentary of the same name documenting the burlesque scene in post-Katrina New Orleans.  Recently released on Revis' album Do We Have To Beg?, "Save Our Souls" is a tasty blend of hard rock and pop, Edge-friendly but with enough pop sensibility go mainstream.  Vocalist Justin Holman has that front-man thing, with a charismatic voice that reaches through the speakers, grabs hold of you and lets you know you better listen. 

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

Mindwalk Blvd - Reach / Bite My Tongue
2011, Mindwalk Blvd

Boston-based teen rockers Mindwalk Blvd return this spring with two singles, "Reach" and "Bite My Tongue", the first new material since we first heard from the band two years back.  Bigger, more mature and full of a new confidence, Mindwalk Blvd expand their sound by reduction on "Reach".  The melodic, acoustic-based power pop song features strong harmony vocals.  Lead vocalist Ian Hayes has definitely grown into his voice, which is powerful but full of nuance.  There's definitely more of an alt-rock commercial edge to this tune than in the band's past work, but the transformation stays true to their progressive rock roots.  "Bite My Tongue" is a progressive-rock anthem with big pop hooks and distinctive triadic harmonies.  There's an introspective feel hidden inside of the heavy rock approach that's appealing, and Mindwalk Blvd effectively blends the non-traditional segmentation of progressive rock with a modern alternative edge.

Mindwalk Blvd continues to develop their sound in impressive fashion.  The little boy next door has grown up, and he swings a mean guitar.  "Reach"/"Bite My Tongue" is an impressive pairing.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)
Reach:       iTunes
Bite My Tongue:     iTunes

Hollie LA - Hard 2 Get
2011, Unlocked Records

LA pop chanteuse Hollie LA returns with two singles for the first half of 2011.  "Hard 2 Get" is a song of sour grapes from one who played hard to get and now finds the roles reversed.  Driven by a big, bass-filled dance beat, this is fairly straight-forward commercial dance pop.  Hollie L.A. has a nice, powerful alto voice that shines even in the midst of a sugar-drop pop song.  "Poison - The Remix" is a bit more driven; dance material with a heavy bit.  This isn't quite as catchy or fun as "Hard 2 Get", but Hollie L.A.'s voice is worth sticking around for.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

Hollie LA - Poison (The Remix)
2011, Unlocked Records

Hollie LA's "Poison - The Remix" is a driven, heavy dance number with techno/house ambitions.  The song itself is formulaic dance pop, fluffed up with drums and bass.  Forgettable in and of itself, the song is made memorable but Hollie LA's voice.  In this day and age, it's hard to know how much of that is Hollie LA and how much is computer chip, but if that voice is for real then Hollie LA is using a wonderful instrument to create fluff.  This sort of voice deserves a lot more exposure than it will get from "Poison".

Rating: 2.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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