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Monday, May 5, 2008

CD Review: Carla Lynne Hall - Supernova

Carla Lynne Hall – Supernova
2006, Moxie Entertainment

Mixing soul, jazz, and hip-hop with a singer-songwriter panache, Harlem based Carla Lynne Hall has delivered a gem of a record in Supernova. Carla Lynne Hall is a talented and nuanced songwriter, but the first thing that will catch you is her voice. Possessed of the mellow natured exuded by Norah Jones, Carla Lynne Hall brings tremendous energy in her voice, which dances effortlessly from ballad to rocker and back again.

Supernova features eight original tracks and two covers (Little Feat’s Long Distance Love and Nil Lara’s exquisite My First Child). For original songs, Left Side Blues and Fallin’ are the cream of the crop, with My Body’s Keeper not far behind. The class of the album may be the Nil Lara cover, My First Child, as it captures a vulnerability and beauty of voice that rarely comes across in recordings.

The album is book ended by a full version and reprise of the title track Supernova, which easily could see airplay on AAA radio if radio was still about music. Unfortunately it’s not.

Supernova is an experiment in beauty and the joy of music. Strong songwriting, beautiful vocals and lush arrangements make this an absolute keeper. A must for any music collection.

Rating: 4 ½ Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Carla Lynne Hall at, or at her My Space page. You can purchase a copy of Supernova at

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