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Monday, May 5, 2008

CD Review: Little Memphis - Let Me Down Easy

Little Memphis – Let Me Down Easy
2008, East Country Records

Every once in a while we need a reminder that country music, when done right, can rock. Little Memphis is on that message and broadcasting proudly. Let Me Down Easy is a dynamite introduction to this Lebanon, New Hampshire (by way of Nashville) band.

The disc opens with Cutie Patootie, which should inspire its own line-dancing craze if there is any justice in the world. Songs such as Sugardaddy, Feel Like Dancin’, Hot Date and Cinderella’s Fella build on that rockin’ country resume in fine fashion. Part of what makes Let Me Down Easy work so well is that there is a wry sense of humor that surfaces periodically in the music, and it is accompanied by a positive outlook and sense of honesty and goodness. There is nothing contrived here. The songwriting is heart-on-the-sleeve storytelling.

Heart of Steel is particularly poignant for the times. If you know anyone serving oversees at the moment, you’ll hold onto this song dearly. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear this song picked up by radio and become an anthem for the times. Hope He’s Good Enough and Through My Eyes are classic country ballads. Through My Eyes in particular has all the earmarks of a country smash.

Let Me Down Easy closes with The Lights Went Down in Graceland, an ode to Elvis Presley. It’s written in a style that may have fit in with some of Elvis’ later catalog. All in all, the songwriting is top-notch. Little Memphis comes across as a very tight band with a very cohesive sound. The vocals are deep and soulful and a pleasure to listen to. This is a great introduction to a band that should be around for a long time.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of five)

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