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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

CD Review: Crash Romeo - Gave Me The Clap

Crash Romeo – Gave Me The Clap
2008, Trustkill Records

Crash Romeo is virulent. On Gave Me The Clap they offer up eleven tracks of infectious guitar-based post-punk rock. This disc is a basement party unto itself, and you’ll find yourself slamming the pit fantastic from the opening notes to the last dying chords.

Much in the vein of Green Day and A Newfound Glory, Crash Romeo fills the chasm between punk tradition and pop rock. Lead vocalist Travis Weber fits the bill perfectly here, delivering clear and pleasant vocals. Crash Romeo surprises with delicious harmonies not often heard on the post-punk side of the charts. The musicianship is first class, and production values are very high.

Having already found placement on MTV’s The Hills, Crash Romeo is going places. Popular seems to be burning up the T1 lines from iTunes of late, but the album is full of great tracks. One Night Only and Better Off In New Jersey are personal favorites, but there are no weak tracks here. In Gave Me The Clap, Crash Romeo have offered up a near-perfect concatenation of punk and power-pop. The results are startling and breathtaking. Check it out for yourself.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Crash Romeo at Gave Me The Clap can be purchased through and most major music retailers.

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