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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jody Lee Petty - Done My Time

Jody Lee Petty – Done My Time
2011, Jody Lee Petty

If you knew Jody Lee Petty as a child, you’d never guess he would turn into a country singer on the cusp of stardom; a star athlete, perhaps, but never a singer.  Petty’s childhood revolved around sports.  He eventually starred in basketball at Lenoir-Rhyne College; leading the nation in free-throw percentage his senior year.  After college, Petty went on to spend eight years on the professional beach volleyball circuit.  Next came modeling, when Petty was spotted by a talent scout in Miami.  This career led him to music, through appearances in several music videos, including LeAnn Rimes’ “Something’s Gotta Give.”  These days, Jody Petty is making his own music videos, in support of his dazzling new EP, Done My Time.

Jody Lee Petty gets things started with a sweet bit of modern country with classic embellishments in the form of "Country Song And A Bible Verse."  There's an authenticity here that's surprising, and a melody that practically sings itself to you.  Petty shows some of the same charisma that made Garth Brooks a superstar, and creates a commercial country number with big hit potential without managing to sound like a mass-produced pop/country maven.  "Done My Time" is a big time rocker in country clothing.  It's a great tune, but you can hear the heavy rock arrangement that wants to explode out of this number if you listen closely.  There's a dark, outlaw feel to the number, but a genteel aspect that is counterintuitive and intriguing.

If the right radio programmer ever gets hold of "I’ve Done My Time," Jody Lee Petty is going to be a massive superstar.  This tune will not get out of your head, and forget keeping your feet still.  Petty's blend of southern-fried rock is infectious, and features some of the best honky-tonk piano you'll hear in 2011.  What a horse meant to a cowboy in the olden days is now the province of his pick-up.  Petty gets to the point on "This Ole Truck," a love song to Detroit's greatest export.  It's a solid tune; a country ballad in form and function. 

"Shotgun" uses wordplay and a winking sense of humor to explore how an innocent summer tryst turns into a lifetime.  The title itself is a fond remembrance from a country boy that commemorates different points in his life in different ways.  This song is a charmer that will get under your skin with its blend of heart and humor.  Petty shows off his rock intentions, once again dressed in country style, with the upbeat anthem "Rockin' On The River".  Elements of Queen, The Doobie Brothers and Garth Brooks come together in unique fashion for a memorable summer hit-in-waiting. 

It's impossible to walk away from Done My Time and not be impressed with Jody Lee Petty.  His voice is classic country, and Petty shows a talent for writing country numbers with distinct pop sensibility and a secret rock n roll pedigree that doesn't quit.  Petty looks and sounds like a rock star in country clothing, and it wouldn't be surprising to look up one of these days and see his name at or near the top of the Billboard Country charts.  Songs such as "Country Song And A Bible Verse" and "I’ve Done My Time" have gold record written all over them, and there isn't a weak song in the bunch.  With Done My Time, Jody Lee Petty proves it's possible to write honest country music with massive commercial appeal.  With the right breaks, Petty will be rocking the country airwaves for years to come.

Rating: 5 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Jody Lee Petty at  Done My Time is a forthcoming release.  Keep checking Petty’s website for updates.

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