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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Surrender The Fall - Surrender The Fall [EP]

Surrender The Fall - Surrender The Fall [EP]
2011, Rum Bum Records

Memphis, Tennessee rockers Surrender The Fall spent five years working the DIY circuit, slowly building a formidable following throughout the Southeast US.  In the process, the band has toured nationally in support of All That Remains and Nonpoint.  This fall, Surrender The Fall will release their full-length debut album.  For now, they've released a self-titled three song EP as an early appetizer. 

Surrender The Fall opens with "Love/Hate Masquerade", a full onslaught of guitar in a raging, driven arrangement that will melt your face.  It's a dark tale of what might have become of that high school prom queen you lost track of.  In spite of the heavy, wall-of-sound approach and dark concept, Surrender The Fall manages something of a pop sensibility here.  "Deeper Inside" is a good old-fashioned dose of testosterone-driven lust, hyped up with a heavy rock sound that's full-throttle from start to finish.  "Some Kind Of Perfect" is a pensive ballad that allows Surrender The Fall to take their feet off the gas.  The sound is a bit stereotypical for the hard rock/hair band genre, but shows a fair pop sensibility and shows commercial potential.

Surrender The Fall sounds like they just stepped off a programmer's playlist for "The Edge" radio formats.  Surrender The Fall displays the band's hard rock tendencies and souped-up balladeering, and establishes them as a solid commercial act, but fails to distinguish them from the pack.  The music is entertaining, but hopefully the full-length album will show more depth; something to hook listeners in for the long haul of a career.  Surrender The Fall is a big sounding start.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Surrender The Fall at or The Fall is available digitally from and iTunes.

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Anonymous said...

These guys kick ass!!! Best record I've heard in a while!! Look out nickelback and Shinedown.. There's a new dog in town!!!