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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Wildy's World Top-40 of 2008: #20-26

Ah yes, the dreaded end-of-year lists have begun. Not being able to resist the call of annoying pop-culture end of year lists, we here at Wildy's World thought we'd tear our hair our trying to present you with the top 40 albums we've reviewed in 2008. The albums had to be released in 2007 or 2008 in order to be considered, and a total of 537 albums were in the mix. This means the forty albums we'll present over the next 10 days comprise the top 7.5% of submissions in 2008!Each listing will give a very brief statement about the album, and the artist name/title will serve as a hyperlink to the original Wildy's World review, where you can also find links to the artists' website and links to purchase their CDs.

Today we are covering #'s 20-26. We're creeping our way towards #1...

#26 - Autumn - Velvet Sky

The Texas singer-songwriter's second album is full of quiet grace and fortitude. A songwriter's songwriter, Autumn paints velvet sky like the master artist that she is.

#25 Stephanie - Stephanie
Contemporary Christian Pop music that's good enough to break out into popular radio. If you want to see what the future of Christian Pop looks like, take a listen to Stephanie.

#24 Blue Rabbit - Separate

Delightful Baroque Rock from San Francisco! Cello, drums and Celtic Harp supporting the angelic harmonies of Heather Anderson, Arami Reyes and Sarah Rocklin make this a sparkling listen.

#23 John Taglieri - Everything We Are EP

Great pop/rock songs that are intelligent in lyric and catchy enough to warrant serious attention. Taglieri is a rare combination in today's music world.

Somewhere between Joni Mitchell and Aimee Mann is where Katie Haverly lives. Around The Bend is as much a musical declaration of self as anything else, and it's brilliant. One of the best kept secrets in the Northeastern US.

#21 O.L.D. - I Live In A World

Former Huffamoose front man Craig Elkins is back with this eclectic and tasty set of pop/rock gems. It'll take a few listens to get this one, but you won't regret the effort.

#20 - SPiN - Spin EP

Theatrical Rock N Roll at it's finest. Big guitars, soaring harmonies and inerrant pop sensibility land this Philadelphia DIY band at #20.

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