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Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Wildy's World Top-40 Of 2008: #13-19

Ah yes, the dreaded end-of-year lists have begun. Not being able to resist the call of annoying pop-culture end of year lists, we here at Wildy's World thought we'd tear our hair our trying to present you with the top 40 albums we've reviewed in 2008. The albums had to be released in 2007 or 2008 in order to be considered, and a total of 537 albums were in the mix. This means the forty albums we'll present over the next 10 days comprise the top 7.5% of submissions in 2008!Each listing will give a very brief statement about the album, and the artist name/title will serve as a hyperlink to the original Wildy's World review, where you can also find links to the artists' website and links to purchase their CDs.

And the tensions builds as today we are covering #'s 13-19. #1 is on the horizon...

#19 Gena Perala - This Ain't Pretty

Gena Perala combines the lyrical oomph of a Bruce Coburn or Springsteen with the post-Ani DiFranco sense of pop/folk/punk songwriting style. This Ain't Pretty is gritty and tough and distinctly beautiful (without being pretty).

#18 Mindwalk BLVD - Paint The Seconds

A progressive rock power trio whose oldest member is a green 16 goes on to nearly win a spot opening for Yes on their 40th Anniversary Tour. If the tour hadn't been cancelled due to Jon Anderson's health problems you'd already be hearing these kids everywhere. As it is it's just a matter of time.

Matchbox 20's Paul Doucette comes out from behind the drum kit on this sparkling solo-debut. With the help of folks like Nina Gordon, Moon Unit Zappa and Matt Beck, Doucette has crafted one of the stickiest sets of melodies of the year.

#16 Beware Fashionable Women - Beware Fashionable Women

Barenaked Ladies style kitsch. Beach Boys Harmonies. Dick Dale style guitar and an edginess reminiscent of The Clash. This is the gloriously improbable package offered up by Beware Fashionable Women. One of the most pleasant surprises of 2008.

An artist who could have been a star in any era, Graham shows a love and respect for the history of jazz while adding a modern sensibility and appeal. Echo is the sort of album that gets the ear of musicians, many of whom may line up to work with Graham on future projects.

#14 Dare Dukes - Prettiest Transmitter Of All

Dukes is a musical story-teller, nay, a troubadour who finds the most unusual angles. Pulling the humor from life rather than poking fun, Dukes can make you laugh about a story while feeling the underlying angst all in the same song. A songwriter's songwriter.

#13 Reid MacLean - Bright Fading Star
MacLean is a sublime story teller with a near-perfect pop sense. His ability to connect to the listener is insane, and the list of contributors for this album will show you how much respect he already has in the music world.

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