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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Wildy's World Top-40 of 2008: #27-33

Ah yes, the dreaded end-of-year lists have begun. Not being able to resist the call of annoying pop-culture end of year lists, we here at Wildy's World thought we'd tear our hair our trying to present you with the top 40 albums we've reviewed in 2008. The albums had to be released in 2007 or 2008 in order to be considered, and a total of 537 albums were in the mix. This means the forty albums we'll present over the next 10 days comprise the top 7.5% of submissions in 2008!

Each listing will give a very brief statement about the album, and the artist name/title will serve as a hyperlink to the original Wildy's World review, where you can also find links to the artists' website and links to purchase their CDs.

Today we are covering #'s 27 -33. And awaaaaay we go...

#33 Jessie Kilguss - Exotic Bird

Jessie Kilguss' debut album is full of stark, exotic and lush tunes. A stunning album, and the second best she's done in the past two years.

#32 Kristoffer Rangstam - Wrong Side Of The Room
Take someone who may be one of the best songwriters of his generation and send him on the road with a rock legend like Debbie Harry. The results are an esoteric and aurally striking album that will keep you up nights.
#31 Sirsy - Revolution

The little band that could from Albany, NY. Sirsy is the epitome of DIY Rock N Roll. Vocalist Melanie Krahmer is at her out-of-this-world best on Sirsy's latest.

#30 Sabrina Shaheen - Love Is...
Shaheen is a classically trained pianist, powerhouse vocalist, and dances across genres like Baryshnikov on stage. Love Is... is a dynamic pop/rock release with something for everyone.

#29 Amy Regan - And Then There's This

Amy Regan has Norah Jones' sweet soulful sound and the pouncing instincts of Fiona Apple. This young lady is out of left field and you'd better listen, because she is an unusual talent. And Then There's This makes the list despite the short EP format. If it were a full album it might be 20 spots higher.

#28 Nate & Kate - Fame By Frame

Artists, musicians, jugglers & newleyweds, Nate & Kate hit a home run with Fame By Frame. Their harmonies are other-worldly, and the songwriting will blow you away.

#27 The Killdares - Secrets Of The Day

An unusual mix of Celtic and Classic/Modern rock comprises Secrets Of The Day. It's so good that traditional Celtic fans like it in spite of the modern sound.

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