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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Review: Babe Gurr - Chocolate Lilly

Babe Gurr - Chocolate Lilly
2008, Elan Records Canada

Babe Gurr. What a name. The folk/rock singer-songwriter from Vancouver Island, British Columbia has been turning heads for years with her blend of roots/blues/pop. Shaped by intelligent, sometimes funny lyrics, memorable melodies and strong arrangements, Gurr lights up her songs with an engaging presence and a sandy and sultry voice you won't forget. Gurr's latest release, Chocolate Lilly, continues in the vein of her earlier works. It's a stunningly beautiful and poignant musical experience.

Gurr starts with great songs and one of the tightest backing bands south of the arctic circle. Chocolate Lilly opens with Hard To Get Over Me, a soulful warning that's part Lucinda Williams and part Bonnie Raitt. If you ever want to court Gurr or a woman like her, listen closely to Love Is Tough. It's a statement of terms for a relationship, and probably one of the most commercial songs on the album. I Give Myself To You is destined for weddings, mix-tapes and scenes involving young men with box radios below the windows of ladies they adore. This is one of those classic love songs that with the right bit of commercial exposure would become the wedding theme of a generation. It avoids cliché while making an honest and forthright statement of devotion. The melody is memorable and won't leave you anytime soon. Gurr also pulls back a little back here vocally, sounding more like Shawn Colvin than Bonnie Raitt.

Babe Gurr is absolutely inspired on her cover of Ray Charles' Unchain My Heart. The song drips with soul and desire driven by Gurr's sultry voice. Larger Than Life frames a philosophy centered on taking life by the horns and having no regrets. It's a great Americana arrangement with real pop hooks. Make sure also to check out Understanding, a poignant look at inequality and the ultimate remedy. Other highlights include the title track, Chocolate Lilly, Now You're Gone and Break Thru.

Babe Gurr is the sort of talent who doesn't come along all that often, and her star is on the rise. Her music has already been tapped for the US television show Higher Ground, as well as being a guest on Canadian shows Canada AM and The Jim Byrnes Show. It's only a matter of time before Gurr's star rises above the Canadian Content Rule and she truly becomes an International artist. Chocolate Lilly is the clearest sign that she is ready, taking everything Gurr has done so well to this point in her career and raising her game another notch. It's an inspired performance.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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