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Friday, December 5, 2008

Review: Curt Mychael - Sketches In Time

Curt Mychael - Sketches In Time
2008, Curt Mychael

Curt Mychael has a gift for writing crisp, clear pop songs. The Milwaukee-based Berklee College Of Music grad steps up with his debut CD, Sketches In Time, full of gooey pop goodness in the vein of McCartney or Folds.

Sketches In Time opens with Sunnyside, a McCartney-esque pop tune with a great melody and a great sense of motion. It's just flat out a great pop song. Bones is a southern rock flavored tune that would fit right in of the old AOR radio format. It's another song with great pop sensibilities. Mychael continues this trend on Could Be You. Don't be fooled by the acoustic guitars, this is pop daydream material. Mychael changes things up on Florence Knows, a more melodic, melancholy rocker than the first three songs on the disc. There remains the tremendous sense of melody that is evident from the start of Sketches in Time, but there is definitely a darker tone here. Maybe continues the more melancholy lean with a mellow rocker that seems to want to break out in the pop magic that Mychael appears to be capable of, but stays wrapped up in complex emotions.

My Moon Your Sun is a quirky love song that's a mix tape pick that retains the almost melancholy feel of much of Sketches In Time. Be sure to check out Something New, a vibrant return to the peppy pop gold that just seems to want to pour out of Mychael at every instant. And make some time to really listen to The Bay. Curt Mychael may have found his magnum opus here. This is one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs you're likely to hear in the near future. I can't recommend this song highly enough. It's the sort of song that could turn a singer-songwriter into a legend. Other highlights include the wonderfully bizarre Circus Nite, You Don't Love Me Anymore and Goodbye Baby.

Curt Mychael has a gift. The ability to write near-perfect pop songs without falling prey to pop gimmicks or chart envy is rare. If early indications hold true, Curt Mychael might be a songwriter on the level of a Paul McCartney. It's high praise, I know, but listen to the CD and you'll see what I mean. Curt Mychael seems to vacillate between upbeat pop and aesthetic melancholy. His concerts must be a wonderful rollercoaster, the sort of performance that mimics the same ups and downs that life brings. Curt Mychael illuminates life as we all know it on the aptly named Sketches In Time. You'll see some of yourself in each sketch; hear the voices of loved ones in each song. Don't pass this one by.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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