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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Review: Astronauts Of Antiquity - Rocket Science For Dummies

Astronauts Of Antiquity – Rocket Science For Dummies
2008, RevCon Records

The Astronauts Of Antiquity offer up a rare mix of dub, trance, pop, soul and jazz on their latest release, Rocket Science For Dummies. The musical and spiritual marriage of India and B. Rhyan has created a blending of sounds and style that are not matched elsewhere. From their original base in Chapel Hill, NC to their current Nyack, NY home, The Astronauts Of Antiquity have spread their musical joy all over the world. On Rocket Science For Dummies they take things to the next level.

Rocket Science For Dummies opens with Everywhere, a very Euro sounding dance tune that should be very commercially viable. India has a gorgeous voice that just floats and slides across the music like a bow on well-tuned violin. This is the sort of song that could make real impact for Astronauts Of Antiquity with the right push or promotion. Strangest Places takes on more of a jazz feel. The music is fairly low key, allowing India's vocals to carry the song. Sup A Soul takes a more aggressive stance with an urgent bass line running counterpoint to a melancholy vocal line. The song resolves into a chorus that's full of electronic rhythms and effects. It's actually quite an interesting listen

Rocket Science is a more straightforward rock/electro hybrid with an urban feel to it. While this is not my personal favorite song on the disc, it does serve to highlight to the almost chameleon nature of vocalist India, who seems able to sing almost any style and do it well. Notable also is Beautiful Fate, a powerfully positive message built on a lovely melody and a unique arrangement. Other highlights include the funky Breakthrough and Love Is All Around.

Rocket Science For Dummies runs the gamut through R&B, jazz, electro, rock and all points in between. There are even some ambient drum & bass leanings here (Love Is A Mantra). This is an album that's going to appeal to a lot of people, although it will be the sort where a lot of people like a few tracks (differing on musical tastes). Open minded listeners will love this disc for its supple ability to change speeds and direction without notice and make it all sound like it fits together. Astronauts Of Antiquity might just break out with Rocket Science For Dummies. One way or another they're here to stay.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Astronauts Of Antiquity at or, where you can purchase CD or download copies of Rocket Science For Dummies.


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