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Friday, February 22, 2008

REVIEW - Oliver J - Demo

Oliver J – Demo

I will periodically come across a demo recording of an artist who is still developing their sound but may just be onto something. I've been trying for a while to come up with an accurate artist comparison for Oliver J. The closest I can come is to imagine a band where Right Said Fred is backed up by Information Society. This may sound like a nightmare scenario to devotees of those artists, but there is something infectious about Oliver J’s first Demo recording. Comprised of ten talk/sing songs backed up by programmed keyboards and percussion, Oliver J weaves entertaining songs around an infectious dance beat.

The material here is very raw, and would benefit from fleshing out with a band of live musicians, but Oliver J has got something. My impression from a running email conversation with the artist suggests that he is just starting to get himself out there, and hasn't really played live yet. Some seasoning (live performances) and the addition of some creative tension (live musicians) will flesh out the background.

So here's a chance to check out someone so new he's not even jaded yet! Check out Oliver J’s website for streaming audio. Who knows, he might even sell you a copy of his demo!

Rating: Buy It Soon (if he'll sell it to you).

You can check out Oliver J at

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Anonymous said...

Based on your review, and the guy's intriguing picture, I checked out the music -- and it's surprisingly good, accessible stuff; I can easily imagine it catching on. Hey, could you have found the Robert Palmer of the 21st. Century?