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Friday, April 4, 2008

REVIEW: Kylie Edmond - Weak

Kylie Edmond – Weak
2007 Kylie Edmond

Kylie Edmond came to New York City in 2002 on a wing and a prayer to meet her muse. Now it’s your turn. Dancing down the pop alley crafted by artists such as Michelle Branch, Maren Ord and Paula Cole, Kylie Edmond is writing songs you will hear, must hear, and have to hear.

Weak is a three track EP that serves as ample introduction to a talented singer/songwriter. Working with New York City guitarists/producer Griffin, Ms. Edmond has crafted a little bit of pop/rock magic. All three songs are radio ready. “Weak” and “Endless Days” could easily be pop/rock radio staples. “Oh No No” is a poignant song about domestic violence that could become anthemic for a generation of survivors.

Kylie Edmond provides the lyrics and melodies, while master-musician Griffin provides the musical scores to envelope her words and melodies. This partnership should be very fruitful. In a perfect world you’d hear Ms. Edmond on your radio twice an hour. In today’s music market it’s anyone’s guess how things will turn out, but Kylie Edmond very much deserves your attention.

Rating: Buy It Now

You can learn more about Kylie Edmond at You can purchase downloads of individual tracks or a hard copy of the EP on CD at her site as well.


Anonymous said...

Not only is Kylie's music amazing but she's one of my favorite people in the world. Buy "Weak" and support a great up and coming artist who deserves to be a huge success!

Anonymous said...

This girls music rocks...great on my ipod and would be perfect in a movie...about time!!!!!

Brendon said...

Brendon from Perth Western Australia said Kylie rocks and in the 8 years we have known her she has progressed so quickly with her music and songwriting and has formed an outstanding musical collabaration with Griffin. Kylie's songs are radio ready and I particularly like Endless Days which is a Sunshine song and we all need more sunshine in our lives nowadays. It is addictive and you have to go back and listen to it again and again and again!!!Radio stations need to support positive new artists and Kylie is one of those. Good luck Kylie.

Anonymous said...

Kylie is a class act, has a strong voice and deserves success. We'll follow her progress and wish her lots of luck.

Anonymous said...

Weak is Strong. Kylie is a great artist and this album has a blend of great songwriting both lyrically and musically together with excellent complimentary accompaniment. She totally deserves a great review.

Watch this space and watch this name, you will be hearing it more often!

Anonymous said...

Yes...She deserves it all!! Great Singer! Great Production and VERY STRONG Songs...Hope the Industry will appreciate this....


Anonymous said...

Classic guitar based pop with real substance. I have listened to the three songs over and over and I still can't get enough!