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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christine Salazar - On To Something

Christine Salazar - On To Something
2011, Christine Salazar Music

Christine Salazar is a bright light on Puget Sound.  The young singer/songwriter has been sharing her music around the sound since 2009, but has been active in area bands since her high school days.  Salazar’s warm alto voice delivers her personal and intelligent story songs with a depth that belies her young years.  Salazar released her debut album, On To Something, over the summer.  The title is aptly chosen.

Salazar has a wonderful smooth, lyric alto voice. There's an interesting juxtaposition of warmth and distance in her sound; a classic singer/storyteller sound reminiscent of Shawn Colvin or Denise Culhane. Salazar gets things moving with "No Time For Worrying", a pessimist's love song that's charming in its own inner darkness. "Anyway" is a mature love song written from the perspective of one who understands she needs to let go to find the love she seeks. The plaintive melody is lovely, and delivered with the quiet reserve that seems Salazar's vocal trademark. Salazar lightens the mood a bit with "Always With You", a quietly uplifting number celebrating a perfect day. Salazar struggles a bit with the high notes here, but otherwise delivers a characteristically strong performance.

Salazar slips into a melancholy air for "My Friends", "At Peace" and "On To Something", before coming alive on "Mirror World". The energy in this last is very positive, even if the darkness never truly abates. Listeners will hear more color and accents in Salazar's voice here than previously, with the mild sonic revelation worth tuning in for. "Find Me Now" is a solid pop love song, imploring the right one to come along right away. The songwriting here is solid, and the straight-ahead pop arrangement features a mild, funky flavor that is appealing. Salazar closes with the mild, blue jazz of "Tangled", a near-perfect venue for her silky-smooth voice. Salazar ends in particularly dark territory, mulling murder in the aftermath of a failed love affair. The imagery here is chilling and evocative, the harsh concept blended in smooth sounds like hard burn of a smooth whiskey.

On To Something finds Christine Salazar poised on the precipice of heartbreak. Even her lighter moments are often cast against the backdrop of fatalistic intentions or moods. She nearly slips over the edge at the close, but holds on much as she has throughout the album; by her fingertips. On To Something is an intriguing experience, from the darkness of Salazar's songs to the vibrant warmth and quiet reserve of her voice. The songwriting is a bit uneven at times, but shows real promise. Salazar will stay with you, and On To Something is certainly worth spending some time on.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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