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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Abbie Barrett & The Last Date - The Triples: Volume 1

Abbie Barrett & The Last Date - The Triples: Volume 1
2011, Beige Bomber Records

Abbie Barrett grew up in New York City attending private schools. A professional career and upward mobility were the clear goal. Even through college, Barrett was on target. But once free from formal education, Barrett jumped around from town to town anything but. Eventually landing in Somerville, Massachusetts, she first picked up a guitar and began writing down the songs that kept running through her head. This was a watershed moment, both a continuation of her rebellion against the expectations she was raised with, and an embrace of the person she would become. Drawing on influences as disparate as Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Neil Young and Aimee Mann, Barrett continues to write songs about underdogs, unsung heroes and rebels. Along with her band, The Last Date, Barrett recently released the first in a series of EPs called The Triples.

The Triples, Volume 1 opens with "Here To Stay", a low-key, but high energy rock n roll fight song that's part Chrissie Hynde and part Sara Bareilles. Featuring a memorable chorus, the song shows off Barrett's distinct voice, which is distinctly beautiful but contains a formidable toughness that's not to be ignored. "On The Range" is a drearily ethereal spaghetti western in song. Barrett's voice and the vocal harmonies of her band help to create a distinctive sound that is both uplifting and haunting. The EP closes with "Draw Me In", an elongated and smooth ballad that sounds like Hope Sandoval singing along to Pink Floyd. The ultimately sad feel of the song holds its own unique beauty, and avoids the neuroses that pervade "sad pop" music.

Abbie Barrett is a distinctive voice in Indie Pop music. Together with The Last Date, Barrett has created three memorable and likeable songs that run the gamut stylistically. The Triples: Volume 1 is a wonderful introduction to an artist who shows a lot of promise. This EP will ensure that careful listeners are likely to be waiting for the release of the other two volumes in the series.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Abbie Barrett & The Last Date at or  The Triples, Volume 1 was scheduled for a November 8, 2011, but as of this review does not appear to have made it to market yet.  Keep checking Barrett's website for release details.

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