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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Good Intentions - Someone Else's Time

The Good Intentions - Someone Else's Time
2011, Boronda Records
Liverpool trio The Good Intentions are born of the blend of folk, Americana and bluegrass. Husband and wife team R. Peter Davies and Gabrielle Monk are joined by longtime friend Francesco Roskell, blending their instruments and voices with the help of friends from both Nashville and Los Angeles on their latest album, Someone Else's Time.

The album is a solid, lovely listen from start to finish. The interplay of instruments and voices on Someone Else's Time is truly worth tuning in for, yet the album is so subtly crafted and well-blended that those who do not listen carefully will let it pass as pleasant background and nothing more. Opening with melancholy "Gone So Long", The Good Intentions paint subtle pictures with a broad musical brush. This approach continues unabated throughout the album. It's difficult to point out true highlights on the album, as the sound, approach and quality are utterly consistent throughout. The swaying feel of "Everybody Loves A Drinking Man" is notable, but otherwise you need to really dig into the consistently excellent musicianship and gloriously blended voices of The Good Intentions.

Well-written, well-played and sonically appealing, Someone Else's Time actually suffers from its own consistency. This is the perfect example of an album that is excellent in all aspects, but likely to be passed over by most listeners because it is what it is very quietly. If you have the time to spare to repeated careful listens, Someone Else's Time will bear significant rewards. Unfortunately the utter lack of flash, or even the up and down banter of The Good Intentions live performances, likely doom a really fine album to relative anonymity. And that's a shame.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

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