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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Eight Feet Deep - Eight Feet Deep

Eight Feet Deep - Eight Feet Deep
2010, Eight Feet Deep

Eight Feet Deep represents the musical collaboration of Billy “Pills” Fridrich and Mike DiMeo.  Fridrich, a veteran of New York area bands Celestial, HeavySurf and No Excuses, plays rhythm, lead and bass guitars as well programming the drum tracks and writing lyrics.  Mike DiMeo, former lead singer of the bands Riot and Masterplan has gained a reputation as one of the most accomplished and soulful vocals in heavy rock.  Earlier this year Fridrich and DiMeo released their debut EP together, also entitled Eight Feet Deep. 

Eight Feet Deep opens with “Leader”, a riff-filled blend of hair metal and classic rock.  Fridrich’s shows off strong guitar work in a somewhat abstract take on the concept that ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’.  The song is a bit referential lyrically without providing the perspective that illuminates meaning.  “Throw Down” has an almost stream-of-consciousness feel to the lyrics.  It’s a driven, enjoyable rocker that falls into the same trap as “Leader”.  “No Regrets” is about growing up and gaining perspective on experiences, judging the whole by the outcome of the moment.   Eight Feet Deep closes with “My Friend”, a plodding and top-heavy song that never manages to take flight.

 Across the first three songs on Eight Feet Deep the duo of Fridrich and DiMeo show themselves quite capable of writing rocking tunes that blend the best of 1980’s hair metal and classic rock in highly consumable rock n roll.  Fridrich never rests with a guitar in his hand, creating musical mayhem seemingly at will, and DiMeo’s reputation as a singer is well-earned.  His voice is a bit reminiscent of Klaus Meine (minus the accent), and he can go from a whisper to a scream in a heartbeat, covering all of the vocal ground in between.  There is a classic feel to the first three songs on Eight Feet Deep that simply can’t be ignored.  They are so well done that they make the final track bearable.  Eight Feet Deep are proving that rock n roll isn’t dead.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Eight Feet Deep at or  Eight Feet Deep is available as a digital EP from Eight Feet Deep and iTunes.

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