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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Times They Are A-Changing

Good day!

Here at Wildy's World were as busy as ever.  Submissions keep coming in at a torrid pace the music is as dynamic and varied as ever.

As many of you know I do this as a hobby, with a family, a full time job during the day and a couple of writing gigs here and there as well.  The whole point of starting Wildy's World was to help Indie Artists get some publicity from what I intended to become a respected blog.  The feedback I have received over the last two and 3/4 years suggests I have been successful in that, and I fully intend to continue on the path I've followed thus far.  That being said, it has become apparent to me that as life becomes more full and rich I need to better manage my time and personal resources.

Starting today, I will continue to publish on a daily basis, but instead of essentially guaranteeing two reviews per day I will only guarantee one.  I will, going forward, publish one Indie artist per day.  I will continue to review major label projects as they are available, and those will appear from time to time in addition to a daily Indie review (because let's face it, those reviews draw a lot of new readers to the site, and many of them stick around and learn about some of the great Indie bands I write about.  Effective this weekend, I have taken the steps necessary to cease taking submissions through SonicBids.  While SonicBids has been very helpful in helping us grow this far, it was never my intent to cause people to have to pay simply to gain access to the site.

Our submission process will remain open to anyone who wants to submit, and I will continue to accept and seek out submissions from the various record labels and PR firms who have been sending us material all along.  Realize that you might not ultimately see much or any change in the volume of reviews, but I like to keep you, the readers and artists who make Wildy's World worth writing up-to-date on our direction.  Now stop wasting time on this drivel and go check out some of the great artists featured here, and have an awesome day!


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