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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jamie Alimorad - Cornerstone [EP]

Jamie Alimorad - Cornerstone [EP]
2010, Jamie Alimorad

Jamie Alimorad is a New York City born resident of Boston; an exciting young singer/songwriter with a voice that stands out in a crowded marketplace. With influences ranging from The Beatles to The Tubes, from Rick Springfield to David Foster, Alimorad’s songwriting is steeped in melodicism and a distinct pop sensibility. These qualities shine through on Alimorad’s most recent EP, Cornerstone.

Cornerstone opens on a high note with the pop/rock anthem feel of "What You Have"; a love song written amidst of confusion and longing for times of old. Alimorad is offering someone a new path here in glorious pop terms, complete with a soaring chorus and active arrangement you'll want to dance along to. "She Is..." is a classic ode; a love someone who is your home and world all wrapped up in one. The vocal harmonies here are tremendous, and Alimorad once again concocts an arrangement you'll find it difficult to get out of your head. Alimorad muscles up the guitar sound, Van Halen style on "Stay With Me". Drop this song at top-40 radio circa 1985 and Alimorad would have a major hit on his hand. Even today there's room for a song this infectious on the radio. Cornerstone closes on a more genteel pop note with "In Her Smile", a peppy, mooning love song with a chorus that sticks with you.

Jamie Alimorad has a more-than-pleasant voice and a knack for penning catchy pop/rock songs with tremendous upside. It's hard not to like Alimorad from the get-go, and this kind of material is always a threat to be picked up radio station in a big city and go viral. Don't be surprised if we hear more from Jamie Alimorad in the future. For now, Cornerstone is a tremendous start.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Jamie Alimorad at or is a digital-only EP, available from Cornerstone, CDBaby and iTunes.

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Anonymous said...

How is "What You Have" a cry of longing for days of old?