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Friday, October 1, 2010

Paper Astronomer - The Things That Cannot Be Moved

Paper Astronomer - The Things That Cannot Be Moved
2009, Paper Astronomer

Seattle’s Paper Astronomer goes from sublime to supine on their latest EP, The Things That Cannot Be Moved. Starting out in Spokane as a less directional quartet, Paper Astronomer experienced the feedback their music received, and this brought about a new focus. Following their collective muse, which is more focused on the art of creation than any notion of success, Paper Astronomer have landed a host of opening act slots for national artists while continuing to build a strong regional following. The Things That Cannot Be Moved shows promise, but also some of the areas where Paper Astronomer still finds opportunity to improve.

The Things That Cannot Be Moved is an edgy pop/rock experience that opens with the melodic mystery of "Six Silhouettes". Vocalist Casey Luport has a fine voice, and tackles the song with verve. "Six Silhouettes" plays on the theme of alien abduction in purely non-frantic terms. It's a great pop melody and solid arrangement. "Evacuations, Airstrikes" explores the apocalyptic dreams of a young girl that appear to be coming true. Destruction wreaked by a mammal larger than a whale is on tap in this little horror story in song. Paper Astronomer goes for a lyric ambience in "Scene From A Black And White Movie", but this experience turns sour as the song becomes mired in its own faux emotional distress. "Half Empty, Washed Away" takes a somewhat dynamic turn while exploring a relationship that's failing because the two involved can't bridge their own internal emptiness. Paper Astronomer closes with "All This Information", a melancholy and repetitive bit of non-linear pop music. Luport sounds lost here, which is the point, but it buttresses an impression that many listeners will take from the EP.

Paper Astronomer has a strong sense of melody, but the internal motivation for the songs on The Things That Cannot Be Moved is a solid blend of self-doubt and self-pity. The melancholy presentation is almost anathema to the energy put into this self-referential bit of mind play. Musically sound, Paper Astronomer misses out on the angst-filled energy these lyrics can breed, all too often winding up on a boundless ocean of disaffected pop.

Rating: 2.5 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Paper Astronomer at or Things That Cannot Be Moved is available from as a CD or Download.  Digital copies are available through iTunes.

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