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Monday, April 1, 2013

Justin Bieber - Bob Dylan tribute album

Island Def Jam Music Group confirmed today that JustinBieber will be heading into the studio starting May 15, 2013 to record a tribute album to Bob Dylan.  “It will be a newand exciting direction for Justin” stated Executive Producer Scott “Scooter”Braun.  Sources at Island Records confirmed that Bieber is looking for a more mature sound as he moves into his twenties.  One source even hinted that some of Bieber’s recent erratic behavior (such as wearing a gas mask inpublic), is Justin’s way of getting into the protest song mindset. 
Current plans call for an album of 12 Dylan covers, 2 Dylan inspired originals penned by Bieber himself, and a mega dance mix.  Dylan has apparently signed off on the project, and is considering a duet with Bieber on “The Times They Are A-Changin’”. 
Such career moves for young pop star are hardlyunprecedented.  It will remain to be seen whether Bieber’s young Believers will follow him into the world ofcountercultural folk/pop music.  It will also be a challenge for Bieber to convince music fans who have already writtenhim off as a teen (or tween) phenomenon to take him seriously.  Having Mr. Dylan on board will obviously help on that end.  It will be curious to see where this leads.

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