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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oh, Jeremiah - Tall Tales and Tiny Fables

Oh, Jeremiah - Tall Tales and Tiny Fables
2013, Jeremiah Stricklin,
Jeremiah Stricklin is a singer/songwriter who hails from Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  He plies his trade as “Oh, Jeremiah”, with a solid blend of Americana and pop at the roots of a vibrant Americana singer/songwriter sound.  Oh Jeremiah’s first EP, Tall Tales And True, shows an artist with a flair for understated, honest delivery and some real songwriting chops.

Oh, Jeremiah kicks things off with the story/ballad "Better Man". The character developed in the bounds of the song is humble and real. Jeremiah Stricklin voices the song with the quiet confidence of the downtrodden that refuse to give up. It's a great musical introduction. "Circles" is an intriguing song full of imagery and half meanings. There is a quiet beauty here that's hard to trace to source, but something about the song sticks with you. "Happy Now" looks back on a relation from which both parties have moved on. It's a gentle wish that one day they can be in touch again delivered in a hook-filled rock arrangement. "Mississippi" is a love song written for home. Built around a pretty melody, the song is a smooth ballad with the rough edges of homegrown craft work. Oh, Jeremiah wraps with the mid-tempo folk/pop of "The Scariest Thing". Fear of the future and the unknown is presented here in lush handiwork with strings and the melancholy pragmatism that is Oh, Jeremiah's trademark.

Jeremiah Stricklin sings with the easy feel of one with an army behind him  on Tall Tales and Tiny Fables.   In the process, he lays bare a heart that’s both dramatic and understated, crafting songs of love and love lost against the gentle melancholy of perspective.  Tall Tales and Tiny Fables is a strong introduction to Oh, Jeremiah.

Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

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