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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Jezabels - Dark Storm

The Jezabels - Dark Storm
2010, The Jezabels

Sydney, Australia quartet The Jezabels have had a whirlwind year, landing opening gigs for artists such as Tegan & Sara, Katie Noonan and Josh Pyke while promoting their 2009 EP She's So Hard.  In the process The Jezabels grew into headliners themselves, selling some pretty impressive rooms along the way.  Led by vocalist Hayley Mary, The Jezabels bring an eclectic sound on their latest EP, Dark Storm, the last of an EP trilogy.

The EP opens with “Dark Storm”, a stark and lovely tune with a disturbing edge.  The song has a hidden pop sensibility; it won’t necessarily be your favorite the first listen through but it is the song that will keep you coming back.  Vocalist Hayley Mary intrigues while sounding like a cross between Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks.  “Mace Spray” is crunchy-but-ambient pop.  Hayley Mary’s vocal is distinctive and disturbing, full of an asymmetric beauty and a hard edge that’s sort of like chewing on tin foil.  “Sahara Mahala” is an edgy pop love song with a serious hook and a deep sense of mystery.  “A Little Piece goes a bit too far vocally, with Mary stretching for some soprano notes that were perhaps ill thought.  The Jezabels close with “She’s So Hard”, a vocally intriguing but lyrically obtuse song that shows elements of Sarah McLachlan and Bjork.

The Jezabels show an intriguing mix of rock, pop and Lilith Fair pastiche on “Dark Storm”, one of the more intriguing musical introductions we’ve made this year at Wildy’s World.  The EP itself has its ups and downs, but Hayley Mary has a voice that could become iconic.  Voice aside, there’s enough here to keep you in the loop enough to want to find out what The Jezabels do next.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about The Jezabels at or Storm is available on CD from  Digital copies are available via iTunes.

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