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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Leah Thompson - The Magic [EP]

Leah Thompson - The Magic [EP]
2011, Leah Thompson

Carbondale, Illinois singer/songwriter Leah Thompson is back with a three-song EP, The Magic, the follow-up to her previous single, Misfire.  While the EP features a cameo from MC J-Biggs, Thompson plays a full stylistic hand across the three songs presented here.

The Magic opens with "I Love The Sun", a jazzy, soulful love song that makes the most of Thompson's smoky, resonant alto voice. The song carries an infectious groove that will have you dancing in place, or tapping your feet. "Magic", featuring MC J-Biggs is a lightweight pop/hop offering that's too generic to make an impact at commercial radio. Thompson's voice is pleasing in the process, but this is an album track at best. "Summer Song" is a sweet but messy little love song. Once again, Thompson's voice is sweet, but the songwriting is unfocused beyond the hooky chorus.

Leah Thompson has one of those voices you could listen to all day; built on great tone and unusual timbres that catch in your ear. The Magic is enjoyable for this reason, although the songwriting is widely variable and uneven across just three songs. Thompson's voice will carry her a long way and she shows enough potential as a songwriting to stick around for a long time if she continues to develop her craft.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more at or  The Magic is available from Leah Thompson's Bandcamp page, and you can even name your own price!

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