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Monday, May 3, 2010

Golden Hours - Pioneering/Wash The Night Eyes

Golden Hours - Pioneering/Wash The Night Eyes
2010, Golden Hours

I recently received a note from fellow blogger Matthew Crist regarding Golden Hours, refugees from Reading, England band The Wookies. With a strong DIY work ethic and an outside-the-box approach to songwriting blending influences such as Arcade Fire, Muse and Pink Floyd, Golden Hours have generated a lot of Buzz. The band has even caught the attention of BBC Radio and Germany's POPSCENE (no small feat for an Indie band). Crist also included a two-song CD featuring Golden Hours' latest singles, “Pioneering” and “Wash The Night Eyes”. “Pioneering” is mildly catchy, angular pop with a nice sound. The song is highly enjoyable and not at all heavy in sound. “Wash The Night Eyes” is a ballad with mildly crunchy guitar and an almost zen-like aesthetic. The writing on this tune is somewhat awkward, and “Wash The Night Eyes” just doesn’t play as well as “Pioneering”.

It’s difficult to say from just two songs, but Golden Hours appears to have at least a little bit of potential. “Pioneering” is a solid single; not a chart burner but a tune strong enough to get the band some attention. “Wash The Night Eyes” is much weaker as a single, but the instrumentation and musicianship are very solid as the sound becomes more angular and full of muscle.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Golden Hours at or The singles "Pioneering" and "Wash The Night Eyes" can be streamed on the band's website.

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