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Thursday, May 20, 2010

herMajesty - Images From The Vanishing Night

herMajesty - Images From The Vanishing Night
2010, Bittersweet Records

herMajesty has been crashing the New York City scene since 2005, mixing ethereal rock expositions with highly emotive lyrics and grand melody. herMajesty’s latest release, Images From The Vanishing Night, ventures into solid rock/pop territory at times.

Images From The Vanishing Night opens with the soaring strains of "Operator (NYC)". herMajesty shows off guitar work inspired by The Edge in a song reminiscent of the ethereal rock feel of early U2. "Into The Light" is a solid pop tune, although the vocalist somewhat implodes on the high notes in the transition to verse two. It's a decent tune otherwise. "My Dear Friend" is decent, middle of the road rock that's perhaps a bit overdone emotionally. "World Smiles" goes for a big sonic impression, soaring with anthemic power but not really grabbing the listener in the process. The EP closes with "Wish", a great song of love and longing; of missing someone who is far away. "Wish" is the class of the EP.

Images From The Vanishing Night is a highly uneven experience, ranging from sublime songwriting ("Wish") to experiments in big bland sound ("World Smiles"). herMajesty shows the ability on Images From The Vanishing Night to craft solid pop/rock songs, but was perhaps a bit too much in a hurry to get an EP out to wait for a couple more high quality songs to be born. Nevertheless, Images From The Vanishing Night offers a solid introduction to herMajesty; enough so that you won't hesitate to check out the next release after you've heard this one.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

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