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Monday, May 17, 2010

Sabrina & Craig - One Home... One Heart

Sabrina & Craig - One Home... One Heart
2010, Bronze Metal Music/SESAC

What you get when you take a Bronze Medal winning Olympic diver and an in-demand holistic dog trainer? In this case, you get one of the more exciting folk music duos you’re likely to stumble across. Sabrina Schneppat has been singing and act acting for years, earning her membership into SAG along the way and becoming one of L.A.’s most sought after dog (and owner) trainers. Craig Lincoln won a Bronze Medal in the 1972 Olympics, as well as silver in that year’s Pan Am Games. Meeting at a business seminar several years ago, the two began a musical odyssey that can be breathtakingly beautiful one moment and decidedly comical the next. Sabrina & Craig documented the trip so far with their charming debut album, One Home… One Heart.

One Home... On Heart opens with Spanish Guitar and southern European flavor of "Make You Mine". It's a song about continually getting sucked into a bad situation because the narrator is convinced she can make the perpetrator her own. The song implies the use of personal charms as a weapon amidst moderate innuendo and humor. "Cats & Dogs" sets up a humorous parallel between cats and dogs and the tendency for opposites to attract in relationships. Amusing and sweet, Sabrina & Craig infuse the song with gorgeous harmony vocals and strong guitar work. "Help Wanted" is both a want-ad and love advice for the male listeners out there. Full of good humor, Sabrina winks her way through this one while providing a lesson on the economics of love. The piano work in "Help Wanted" is amazing.

"Call Your Mom" is the first of two loving maternal tributes. Craig takes the microphone for this one, injecting the song with a personal feel that's endearing. "One Home, One Heart" might just be the perfect wedding song; a lovely tribute to love with a mature outlook that's destined for many-a-mix tape. Sabrina & Craig offer up a light and entertaining call out song in "Little White Lies", an instant classic full of gorgeous vocal harmonies. "Mama's Hand's" is the other song that pays tribute to Moms, this time from a daughter's perspective. It's a gorgeous tune, and fully alive with emotion in Sabrina's hands.

"Same Old Song & Dance" has a slight European feel to its gentle jazz arrangement, caressing the sweet and simple melody. Sabrina takes lead vocal on this one and offers up the best overall vocal performance on the album. "Mine All Mine" is a Beach Boys-esque song about the car of your dreams. The acoustic arrangement has a strong early rock feel and is an enjoyable listen. Sabrina & Craig close with the wonderful instrumental "Uncle Harold", which delivers a surprising Scott Joplin feel on guitar. The song incorporates "You Are My Sunshine" along the way, and serves as a surprisingly apt closer for One Home... One Heart.

Sabrina & Craig weaves thoughtful stories, people and moments into their songs, sprinkling each observation with intelligence and wit while wrapping them in the cloak of gorgeous, memorable melodies. One Home... On Heart is a definite keeper. This is an album you'll come back to time and time again. Both Sabrina & Craig are solid performers, but together they take on a chemistry that draws you in. One Home... One Heart is poised to make Sabrina & Craig highly desirable on the folk circuit if they aren't already.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)

Learn more about Sabrina & Craig at or No online outlet seems to be available for One Home... One Heart, but if you contact Sabrina & Craig directly through either their website or MySpace page I am certain they'll be happy to help you out.


Sabrina & Craig said...

Hello Wildy,

We sure appreciate your support of independent music and artists. Yes, anyone who is interested in ordering a copy of our CD "One Home... One Heart" can indeed go to our website where there is a link to purchase right on our homepage.

Gratitude and Harmony! Sabrina & Craig

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of Sabrina and Craig.Their harmony cannot be surpassed.Their original songs go straigt to my heart.They are truly two artists to be recognized and enjoyed.I know Sabrina for 10 years,first as an outstanding dog trainer.Now I consider them both dear friends and their music is an important part of my life.Their CD is surely worth owning and enjoying.
Sally Herpolsheimer #1 FAN