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Thursday, June 26, 2008

CD Review: 1undread - Revolutionary Dub Type Thing

1undread - Revolutionary Dub Type Thing2008, 1undread/TuneCore 1undread is a Bermuda based duo comprised of Nicola Swan on vocals and Brian Swan 1undread appears to be perfecting a drum 'n' base inflected techno vibe that has significant potential.  Revolutionary Dub Type Thing displays flashes of brilliance, and the amazing voice of Nicola Swan, but ultimately falls just a little bit flat. The beats and breaks of Brian Swan the songs on Revolutionary Dub Type Thing call to mind a sputtering house party that just never reaches its full potential.  The mixes and arrangements here suggest an artist in transition and still trying to find his voice.  Vocalist Nicola Swan lends a beautiful but uninspired tapestry of sound to the songs on Revolutionary Dub Type ThingRevolutionary Dub Type Thing has its high moments, but ultimately comes across as more of an exercise in sound.  This can be interesting and exciting at times, but it ultimately falls short of captivating the listener. 1undread is definitely for you if you are a techno/electro fan, but I think the scope of popularity of this particular disc will be limited.  It's not for lack of talent, but for a sound with a low level of accessibility and energy,and an artist who comes across as less than committed on this particular CD.Rating: 2.5 Stars (Out of 5)You can learn more about 1undread at, which offers several links/options to purchase Revolutionary Dub Type Thing.

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